Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall in a Box!

The past couple of years have been just a wee bit {crazy} with my family! Not only my little family growing into a much bigger one, but my sisters and parents as well. I have two older sisters who are my best friends. We grow, laugh, cry, plot, backslide, fight, encourage, listen, advise, joke, protect, love, and play together. So with them both moving way too far away, the thing they miss most besides family are the seasons. Sarah is loving the heat in Texas and Katie is somewhat enjoying the heat of Arizona, but craving the beautiful Fall colors and fragrant aromas of pumpkin floating around the house by breezes through open windows. So each year, I put together a little Fall for them and I call it....

Fall in a Box! 

It has everything that I love most about Fall! From candy to candles and a little extra :) This is what I included last year:

(This is when my sister Katie lived in Hawaii!) 

Although this is probably something kindergartners would do in class, it was such a great way to preserve the colors of the leaves and to keep them from breaking/crinkling. Plus it looks so pretty in the sunlight!

Candy corn is my sisters favorite candy and I know they can buy these things anywhere, but I thought a little home made candle and some goodies from back home might be a nicer gift then anything else I could have sent :) 

This year I will continue with my Fall in a Box, but change it up a bit. Maybe throw in some acorn garland or pine cones with glitter (Katie and I can't get enough glitter)! Gifts...especially little packages in the mail...are a great way to show someone you are thinking about them. And it often seems to come at just the right time when we need a little pick me up! God has a funny way of knowing exactly what we need, when we need it and He always provides! 

Go send someone a little something just to show them they are loved :) You will probably end up feeling just as blessed by it! Enjoy!!!

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