Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easiest Canopy Bed Ever!

It has been ages since I have sat down to make a new post, but we are adding two more little feet to our family in March so hectic and busy would be an understatement for my family right now :) And even though nap time is more like "family nap time" these days, I have been working on a couple projects that I would like to share!

Just recently we moved our daughter to a big girl bed and although I loved the little white iron bed, I felt bad that my husband made a sweet hanging bed for our son and she would just get a bed (a bed we found for free by the way). So I got to thinkin'. Peighton loves to pretend to be a who hunts, but loves animals, who loves dress up, but only if its pink. So I thought the perfect bed would be a pretty canopy bed/hunting blind. Which we named Princess Bed. With my husbands help it literally took about 20 minutes tops! The most time was in the planning. Here is the cheapest, easiest, and stress free way to make a canopy for a bed!

What I used:

  • Two panels of plain white window curtains (very light)
  • A metal hanger
  • Fishing line
  • A screw in hook (or you could use a screw eye, but the hook is even easier!

First step- make the metal hanger into a circle.
Second step- put the curtains onto the hanger and twist the hanger into a closed circle.
Third step- tie four equal length strands of fishing line to the hanger.
Fourth step- tie the four pieces of line together.
Fifth step- screw in your hook where you want the canopy to hang.
Sixth step- Hang up your canopy!!! 

Could it be any easier?? I don't think so :) And she loves it!!!


  1. So adorable! I don't know how you find time to blog, but I enjoy reading when you do:) I love keeping up with your not-so-little family:) xo!

  2. Aww thank you!! It usually during nap time or after bed time :) I'm so glad you enjoy it!


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