Friday, October 19, 2012

Beautiful Impromptu Pumpkin :)

           It seems that with Fall comes busy and hectic schedules. My kids aren't even in school yet and I feel like we are constantly on the go! It was already late in September before we went to get our pumpkins and I was itchin' for some. My parents were coming down for a weekend and wanted to go with us so we put off the pumpkin search until they got here. I was hating not having any orange to spice up our home so this was my little trick to appease me until we could get our pumpkins...

Each morning the kids would have a blast picking out which face they wanted to eat and we even drew ghost faces on the bananas! (I didn't snap a picture of those, though). Anyhow...I found that even after we finally got our pumpkins, we couldn't find the time to carve them! So instead I decided to do a quick little decorating during nap time. 

I love glitter. I am like a 12 year old girl when it comes to glitter. I finally found an appropriate place to get my fill of glitter :) Glitter Pumpkins! All I used was glue and glitter and the outcome was even more beautiful than I anticipated! The best part?  It literally took me 5 minutes to do and cost next to nothing! 

My supplies :)

The Outcome! All *glittered* up! 

It was so beautiful in the sun, but unfortunately I was using it inside to decorate.

As you can see, the glue ran a bit so I had to be sure to keep checking back to wipe it up as it dried!

But I am enjoying it just as much inside. It is a lovely welcome when we walk in the door :) 

{I love it!}

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