Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Humble Home-made Holiday!

I was convinced this year to have that "Country Living" Christmas look with my decorations and I was convinced to do it on the smallest of budgets. With thrifty finds, handmade creations, and a mother cleaning out her Christmas decorations I was able to do it! (Well at least I think I was able to do it) I even got my favorite of compliments- "Your home is so homey"...! Sure, it might have been from my best friend, but hey I'll take it :) We have a little more space in our new home this year and I felt like the decorations I had were not enough to make it look "Christmasy" I got to work! I also had to be mindful because I have 6 little hands grabbing anything and everything so most of my decorations are incorporated above the waist height wise. Here are my finds and some ideas and I hope they give you some inspiration!

I used some ornaments and twisted jute twine to make an ornament garland to hang in our living room. I love the fanciness of gold and red paired with the rustic of the twine. And any decoration out of reach of the children is always good ;) 

It would also be cute with any other kind of ornaments or even snow flakes! 

I've saved a bunch of Christmas cards over the years so I punched some holes in them and they also make a beautiful garland! 

I loved the way it turned out and its nice when friends recognize their Christmas cards up there!

Of course I have to have my wooden signs :) My home wouldn't be complete without them.

The wreath was made by my sister-in-law last year for Christmas and is so simple and beautiful. I just love it!
I keep this bucket by the back door and change the contents for the season...this time I just cut some branches from a couple evergreens on our property. It adds a subtle fragrance as you walk in the door!

The wreath was a 50 cent thrift store find that I will probably add to and most of the other decorations were given to me from my mom or found at the Goodwill. I got a whole box of candle sticks for only $2! I've used some in my room and I was thankful that there were Christmas colors in there :) 

More cut branches to add a pop of green and a lovely scent in the kitchen :) Since I am not a fan of the wood stove portal cover, I am thinking about adding doiles or wrapping paper to the back of the window!

Our kitchen chalkboard all ready for Christmas! I love the change and it just makes me smile whenever I look at it! It's simple and the kids can't reach it is the perfect decoration!

I have several other decorations that I still need to upload to the computer, but these are probably my favorite! Also, I will probably be adding more since we are going to be throwing a Christmas dessert party and I cannot wait! Plus...I need more glitter and Christmas is the perfect time to have a bunch in the home :) So this is just the start....decorating in this home is an ongoing process ;) 

{What is your favorite decoration that you or your family do at Christmas time??} 

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