Thursday, February 7, 2013

Annie Sloan: My New Favorite Paint!

            I just recently fell in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I had been hearing so much about it, but not until I finally tried it did I really understand how much easier it makes my projects! Annie Sloan's goal was to be able to finish a "piece a day" and with the quick drying, forgiving paint, you really can! It really cut out the parts that I didn't quite enjoy about refinishing pieces (sanding, stripping, etc.). So here is a project (that with regular paint, I wasn't looking forward to) that took a couple hours one evening and helped transform my craft room!

           I have been putting off organizing my craft area...I wanted it done, but I didn't want to do it. Last night my husband took all the kids with him to the grocery store and I had the house to myself...what a beautiful thing! So I buckled down and thought, "chalk paint, no kids, and American Idol? I can totally knock out this craft room!" And so I did...and I am so thankful I did!

           My mom found these pieces of wood that were kind of "cheapy" looking and I wasn't really sure what the purpose of them were. But with some chalk paint, distressing, and a coat of clear wax they turned out to be awesome shelves! 

           I used AS's Aubusson Blue and finished it with Clear Soft Wax. I didn't have to sand or prime...just paint! I like the distressed look, so I did a quick couple quotes with a dry brush so that the wood would show through.  

           After I painted and waxed, I used a very fine grit sand paper to add the distress on the edges. Because I had waxed first, I was able to sand it right in my living room without making a mess.

           Here is what they look like all hung up! I keep my shipping and correspondence supplies in them as well as some decorative pieces. Always balance practicality with your decor. If it's easy, then you'll do it. Meaning, that if your organization is reachable, efficient, and easy to get to then you are more likely to stay organized. These are so easy and I love the way they look!  

I should have taken before pictures...but it would have just been embarrassing! I'm so thankful for nesting and energy to be able to finish some of my to-do-list before this baby comes in less than 5 weeks! I hope this inspires you to pick that one thing you've been meaning to organize and tackle it! Go for it! 

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