Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Take on a Makeshift Nursery

This little in-between area has served my little family well! It lies between our master bedroom and kitchen and is where our stairs are located. In the year that we have lived here, it has been white, lime, green and now tan and white striped. It's been a "catch-all", an office, a craft room, and is now turning into our make shift nursery. This is what the area looked like when we first moved in.

This is looking from the kitchen into the room and on into our bedroom. They had a huge curtain hung up over the stairs to keep the heat down stairs. It actually was really nice fabric and I was able to save it and use it for some other projects :)

There is a closet and a an under the stairs closet. I love all the storage this little rambling house has to offer!

This is the view from our bedroom looking through into the kitchen.

This is what it looked like as my craft room. I loved having a space all to myself for my crafts, scrap booking, and sewing. It's a bit messy in this picture (and usually was), but it was a great space! 

This is the process of turning it into a nursery. I used "oops" paint that I bought at Wal-Mart a long time ago. It was less than $6!! Couldn't pass up a lovely color like it and it did come in handy! 

Figuring out what was most important to put in the space was the hard part. Since the space is limited, I had to decide between the dresser/changing table, crib, nursing chair, etc. 

The boys helped me get ready for the next boy to become a part of our family :) It was very sweet how much they wanted to help!

I had wanted to do our living room in stripes, but since we didn't do it right as we moved it, I knew it would probably never get done. Thankfully, we did it here and now I know how much I {love} it and can't WAIT to do it when we own our own home one day! Maybe something a little more subtle, but getting off track now. Back to the nursery...

I settled on the crib (obviously the most important) and a chair so that I can nurse there in the middle of the night instead of bringing the baby back in bed and risk falling asleep. Been there, done that...and with three other kids during the day, I know I'm going to have to nurse quick and get back to sleep to get some energy! 

This is an old salvaged wooden shutter that I just love. I love the shabby, rough finish contrasted with the crisp, clean walls. Also, I didn't even have to paint it and it matches the blue in the rug perfectly! Once we settle on a name, I will probably paint it on :) But for now I love the simple look of just the shutter.

No flash..

And with a flash...I can't decide which picture I like better so I thought I would just add both! Also, the chair will be re-upholstered one day. But for now, I love the little sanctuary that awaits our little guy to be born! It is still a work in progress and I will add more as we do more :) Enjoy!

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